Wednesday, 1 December 2010

EWAV Works brings - BEING RED launches on WORLD AIDS DAY 2010

EWAV Works brings - BEING RED launches on WORLD AIDS DAY 2010

The exciting launch of  BEING RED - An Animated Sexual health awareness programme launches as part of World Aids Day 2010 campaign -  EWAV Works would be going into schools giving talks on the SCIENCE behind HIV and STI's and of course SEX!!  This is supported by The National Aids Trust and in conjunction with Terrence Higgins Trust. According to a new report released this year by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) has showed that 15 to 24 year olds, particularly young women, continue to be the group most affected by sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the UK. Last year around two thirds of new STI diagnoses seen in women were in those under 25.

Dr Fran Pitt, East Midlands North Unit Director and Lead for Sexual Health at HPA East Midlands, said: “These latest regional figures show that, in common with the rest of the UK, poor sexual health is a serious problem among young adults in the East Midlands.  “These figures also highlight the vulnerability of young women. Young adults are more likely to have unsafe sex and often they lack the skills and confidence to negotiate safer sex. “Re-infection is also a worrying issue - the numbers we’re seeing in teenagers are of particular concern as this suggests teenagers are repeatedly putting their own, as well as others, long term health at risk from STIs.”

EWAV Works aims are to develop and initiate projects that alter and change the lives of young people, BEING Red is a initiative that would do exactly that.

The Project director Lola Atkins says, 'This is a fantastic new initiative developed. I've been itching to do something that would incorporate both my medical/science expertise and of course young people. Being Red rolls both animation, sexual health education and science into one giving young people a more hip, interactive and fun way to learn about HIV, STI's and SEX without feeling awkward, and uncomfortable.  The growing numbers of STI's and HIV among young people is worrying, everyday young people are bombarded with sexualised images  virtually from every media platform. – TV, magazine, Music, adverts, social media. It is only right that we has adults get into the schools using the same media platform for example-Animation to educate them'.

We are looking forward to rolling out BEING RED nationwide.


To find out more about our programme please contact us stating your interest in BEING RED!!!!!!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Broadcast special ....... :)

 Well where do I start?

Firstly I need to thank the EWAV team who have been keeping this blog up-to date with all our news it's been a very busy year. When I  decided to set up the blog, the main aim was to use it has a means to keep people in the know with what is going on, but also to use it to vent my frustrations if need be :). But thankfully that wasn't necessary at all.

I think a blog can be used to replace the diary, I mean 'personal diary'. Remember that book we used to all have storing our secrets, wishes, issues and so on. But thanks to 'social media' we can now use our 'blogs, fb, twitter' as some kind of diary but the difference is, it' won't be personal but opened to possibly millions of people. Oh don't I miss the good ol' days when folks kept their businesses to themselves and just get on with life, not airing it all to millions of overs. But hey it's all gravy.....welcome to the 21st century Lola.

Anyway enough of my boring story and lack of understanding to move on with the times. Let me say 2010 has been a remarkable year. We and I do mean we have had an exciting array of projects delivered and more lined up in 2011 and beyond. I have met some amazing and beautiful people that I would never have thought our paths would ever cross. I'm one who doesn't like to 'blow my own trumpet' but hey I really need to get in my head that I should be proud of the success I have achieved and not be embarrassed by it.Thanks to some people they have re-educated my thinking on this :)

I'm sure there are people like me who for reasons unknown work so hard at something, get it and then keep schumm, like it was nothing even though you know damn too well its the best thing ever. Gratitude is always at the top of my list, but broadcast is never on it. I'm kinda like a 'silent ranger' aim, fire, score, and then looks at it and moves on.....I seriously need to wake up :)

So hear goes - Below are two of my first ever 'personal' broadcasts got interviewed by a couple of entrepreneur blogs and websites. It was nice though therapeutic in a way because its not always I get asked personal questions about EWAV because its been hibernating, but in full action for so long but I 'Lola' have not been shouting from the rooftops about it.

A friend of mine said, ' Lola you better start getting used to getting yourself out there especially if EWAV begins to blow (which I must add is blowing very swiftly). I think maybe its my naivety or shyness or humbleness that makes keep schumm about what I do (really I dunno). I've always believed that you should let your business be the brand, not you. But really it boils down to what kind of business your in and maybe selling yourself is the way to get clients through the doors. Whichever way, if it means I have to sell myself to make EWAV blow much faster so be it :)

Come to think about it the good book does say that  'No one lights a lamp and then covers it with a bowl or hides it under a bed. A lamp is placed on a stand, where its light can be seen by all who enter the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

I wish 2011 brings a great amount of joy to all........
Anyway thanks for stopping by and reading this, it really means alot to me.
Lola. xx

Lola Atkins interview with US entrepreneur business website

Lola Atkins interview with Award-winning Twenty-ten business blog

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

It's raining.....

Here in the EWAV Works household we've been cooking alot of exhilarating new dishes which has kept us incredibly busy and also changing the landscape of our organisation and taking us into different territories.

- We have teamed up with 'THE' Arsenal Football Club to launch our new programme The Football Animation Initiative, this project would offer young people in and out of the criminal justice system, not in education or training and all other young children looking for something creative and different. On this programme the young people would gain first hand unique football training from Arsenal Football Club coaches (Not Arsene Wenger  think the Gunners need him more :-), as well as learning Animation skills from our talented award winning Animation team. Those who would love to get up the creative media ladder can also work towards getting a Diploma in MEDIA from educational awards body OCR.

- A few months back 'THE INVISIBLE PATH' was conceived - Our mentoring scheme aims are to - Raise attainment,  Build character, self respect and responsibility. These exciting projects would be opened by Meg Hillier the Member of Parliament for Hackney South and Shoreditch in October 2010.

Monday, 6 September 2010


Summer has come and gone. What a great summer we had this year 2010? The sun was a scorcher but we loved every sun ray of it.

We at EWAV works have had a busy summer, with almost 200 kids coming through our summer animation doors at one point we were overwhelmed with the dramatic FURTHER interest. However, we were able to satisfy the numerous requests from busy parents wanting to keep their children occupied during the six week break. Running every day of each week we trained young kids lots of animation techniques.

The highlight has to be Michael Jackson's Thriller animation, the kids did a remarkable zombie project which blew the Animators and of course families, friends, and parents away.

Lola Atkins, EWAV Works, Project Director said - Our holiday courses offer parents an ideal way to not only keep the kids occupied throughout the holidays but also encourage children to learn new exciting and creative skills. The courses that we run during the summer are always popular as they are a bit different from the norm and we’re confident that this year will be no different. We pride ourselves on offering a service which is second to none and the great results that we are achieving are down to the talented team Animators we employ.” And true to Lola's words they were extremely popular.

EWAV Works Summer Animation club was successfully delivered to almost 200 kids from ages 6 to 14 years in East London area, we had 4 screenings which were showcased to friends and families. Every feedback we got from both parents and children was overwhelmingly positive.


I just wanted to thank EWAV Works for the Summer Animation club.
My son Chico attended the course on the 3rd week and had a brilliant time.
He's only 6 years old, so we were amazed by how much he learnt in a week, and how well the teachers managed to connect with the children.
Many thanks again.
Mai-ling Leung

Just amazing, absolutely amazing - Dante

Please do it again, I learned so much wish it doesn't have to end - John

Friday, 23 April 2010

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Invisible Path

EWAV Works is launching a new initiative 'The Invisible Path' and looking for suitable candidates.

Do you have 1 hour to spare each week,fortnightly or monthly?
How would you like to share insights in your career/life to a young person?
Have you always felt like giving something to the community but haven't got a clue where to go?

EWAV Works is calling all persons (of all ages/races/sex) who are IT consultants, Scientists, Bankers, Solicitors, Doctors, Lawyers, Financiers, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Nurses, Social workers, Stylists (Hair/Make-up/Fashion), Publishers, Engineers, Business owners, Media professionals i.e. Directors, Camerapersons, Editors and any other careers.

We are asking for you to give us an hour of your time and change one young life.

Drop us an email at with 'The Invisible Path' in the subject line and we would send you some information.

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one. ~Mother Teresa

EWAV's Animation club!

Over 50 young children from one of London's deprived neighbourhood were given classes by top Animators who have worked with some of the reputable Animation studios in the country they have worked with Nickelodeon, Universal, Disney, Tiger Aspect, and Passion Pictures..just to mention a few.

A screening party with parents, families and friends was delivered showcasing their work over the weeks at the Club. The work of the children was so amazing DVDs was distributed around to friends and families.

Every single child voiced 'how much they loved the Animation club' as a result we are now rolling more Animation workshops at a place near you!!!