Tuesday, 1 December 2009

EWAV Works is supporting Caring Christmas Tree

We are proud to announce that this year the charity EWAV Works will be sponsoring is Caring Christmas Trees.

If you live in the South London area and would like to buy a fine quality enviromental friendly Christmas tree?

How about buying from

When you buy just one Caring Christmas Tree you are helping rough sleepers and homeless people get safe accommodation where they can receive support to rebuild their lives.

Each tree sale will help provide support that direct residents towards jobs and the skills needed to maintain secure housing in the future.

The Jericho Road Project, based at King’s Church Catford, started in 2001 and has expanded to 6 low support houses where 26 men and women live. We take referrals from across south east London.

The project also operates an outreach meeting called the Feast, a support group and advice work. In order to meet the needs of homeless and rough sleepers we are improving the service we operate and are also planning for the next residential project.

Your contribution will help reduce rough sleeping, help ex-offenders reintegrate into society, help the mentally ill maintain stability and help former addicts stay clean. This Christmas you will make a difference by buying a tree!
For more information about King's Church Catford visit http://www.kingscentre.org.uk/ or write to:

King's Church Catford
Catford Hill
King's Church Catford is a registered charity. Charity number 1082666. Registered company number 4074651.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

EWAV Works Wins the Best Ethical Business PRECIOUS Awards 2009

- Unique entrepreneurial awards ceremony for woman of colour recognises EWAV Works -

Monday 16th November, 2009: EWAV Works won the Best Ethical Business at The PRECIOUS Awards 2009, an annual awards ceremony for inspirational and entrepreneurial women of colour. The PRECIOUS Awards are currently in their third year and are open to all female business owners of colour from any sector.

The award for Lola Atkins was won by EWAV Works as in recognition of the businesses outstanding effort within the industry. For five years since Hackney based-EWAV Works was launched they have continued to be one of the communities powerhouses for the young by providing a range of activities in Animation and Motion Images for young people from a variety of backgrounds and young offenders. They have provided an environment where young people are motivated and encouraged to maximise their potential and take hold of their destinies.

Lola Atkins, Director EWAV Works commented, “We are extremely delighted to have won the PRECIOUS Awards for Best Ethical Business 2009. This award recognises 5 years of hard work and determination, and perseverance regardless of the challenges and difficulties EWAV Works experienced over the years.

Foluke Akinlose, the founder of The PRECIOUS Awards says, “The PRECIOUS Awards are about recognising and honouring the success women of colour have achieved. I am delighted that EWAV Works has won the awards for Best Ethical Business - they are a thoroughly deserving winner.”

The judging panel for the Precious Awards 2009 includes one of the UK’s leading Black Entrepreneurs Joy Nichols, director and chief executive of CMB2 Group Limited and Sandra Kerr, National Director of Race for Opportunity. They are joined by Desiree Fraser, a leading Business growth consultant and Abu Bundu-Kamara, the UK Diversity Manager for Pearson PLC, the events headline sponsors.

Launched by Foluke Akinlose in 1999, Precious Online is the UK’s leading magazine and resource for entrepreneurial women of colour. Precious includes an online magazine, which is viewed by over 80,000 people each month, a growing social network (www.thepreciousnetwork.com), networking events and it’s annual awards ceremony - The PRECIOUS Awards.
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Foluke Akinlose, the founder of The PRECIOUS Awards says, “We are proud to be one of the few awards ceremonies that shines a spotlight on the diverse range of women starting and growing a business in the UK. The PRECIOUS Awards are supported by a diverse range of stakeholders including politicians, businesses and charities throughout the UK. Being nominated carries enormous prestige and credibility as the entrepreneurial community celebrates the achievements of inspirational women of colour.”

- ends -

About Precious
Founded by Foluke Akinlose, the PRECIOUS Awards is the leading awards ceremony celebrating the achievements of inspirational entrepreneurial women of colour who are running businesses in the UK. After 10 years of success as a website and magazine the Awards are celebrating their 3rd year. The Awards are open to all female business owners of colour from any sector, Full details of categories are available online at www.preciousawards.com .

Monday, 19 October 2009

EWAV Works finalist in Precious Awards 2009

PRECIOUS Awards is the leading ceremony celebrating the achievements of inspirational entrepreneurial women of colour.

I am please to announce that EWAV Works is a finalist in the Best Ethical Business category in The 2009 PRECIOUS Awards.

We are pleased and honoured to be nominated and be a Finalist.

Further details about the awards can be found on:-


EWAV Works joins football world!!

Youngsters acorss London will join some of football’s leading lights this month by taking part in Kick It Outs’ One Game One Community weeks of action.

EWAV Works has been awarded a One Game, One Community award from Kick It Out, football’s equality and inclusion campaign, and the Football Foundation, the UK’s largest sports charity.

One Game, One Community weeks of action, a 12-day, high visibility stand against discrimination and for equality taking place from 15 - 27 October. The money will fund The Veni, Vici, Vidi Experiment with young children aged between 8 - 11 years. The young people will work in ten sessions to develop an animated production based on sports, race, and bullying amongst young people. These animations will be showcased round primary schools in London as a motivational educational tool for those in sports and hoping to develop a career in sports.

The project is part of 1000 events taking place across the country during October.

Grants have been awarded to groups in some of the most deprived areas of the country to organise events and activities as part of the initiative. The activities being supported include youth forums, exhibitions, educational programmes and anti-racism themed football tournaments.

Piara Powar, Director for Kick It Out, said

“This money will help community groups of all shapes and sizes deliver their own unique One Game, One Community flavour to the weeks of action.

“This is a fantastic project and we're delighted to fund one with such a strong message."

Paul Thorogood, Chief Executive of the Football Foundation, said:
“We are delighted that EWAV Work has been successful in securing this funding from the Football Foundation and Kick It Out.

“Football is something that unites people and I look forward to seeing this year’s One Game, One Community projects tap into our national game’s unique ability to bring communities across the country closer together.”

For interviews or for further information on the One Game, One Community weeks of action please call Danny Lynch on 020 7 684 4884, 0777 903 6696 or email danny@kickitout.org

Or visit www.kickitout.org

The Football Foundation is dedicated to revitalising the grass roots of the game, constructing modern football facilities, developing football as a force for social cohesion and as a vehicle for education in communities throughout the country. Funded by the Premier League, The Football Association and the Government, the Football Foundation is the nation’s largest sports charity with a £40m budget going straight into the heart of football. For more information visit www.footballfoundation.org.uk.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Veni, Vidi, Vici Experiment teams up with Kick it Out!

It's an exciting time at EWAV Works our new initiative 'The Veni, Vidi, Vici Animation Experiment' has been snapped up by Kick it Out and would be delivered at several primary schools across London as from November 2009.

Kick It Out is football's equality and inclusion campaign. The brand name of the campaign - Let's Kick Racism Out of Football - was established in 1993 and Kick It Out established as a body in 1997.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


"This course has helped me develop a new career for myself" - Michael

"I'm 200% sure that this is the future for me, now I can focus on the area I love" - Nicola

I randomly found out about EWAV. I must have submitted my email address to a film editing or video company for internship so I got an email from ewav calling for me for training. The opportunities were great. Free lunch availability, good atmosphere, fast PC and experienced lecturer willing to teach made my overall experience great. Personally, it introduced me to the software I was not quite familiar with and also allowed me to learn flash and animations. ( I have always wanted to learn that) In addition to that, I now edit movies for friends and families. I wouldn't have had such confidence to take up videos without prior knowledge. In general, I think it was a good time spent and educative. I would definitely recommend it to a friend. - Babatope.

"I have become more determined and enthusiastic than ever before about film-making" - Vanessa

I'm working with her on a few projects now. I found out about EWAV works through Hoxton Hall, I had a friend (fellow employee(Michael Vidal)) who studies directing and screen play and invited me as an actress into a film course he was taking, I believe funded by EWAV works, there in the course board room I met Lola after a couple of rehearsals. I like the way Lola is able to strategize projects she sets it up where you REALLY enjoy what you’re doing with a self-achievement in the end to look forward to. Certificates from course completions to qualified diplomas and thanks to Lola she got me on the "sliver-screen". Feel free to contact me if you want to know anything else! - Siobhan

I was on the EWAV course in 2004. It was an extremely enlightening experience both technically and creatively. Lola was very supportive of all of us involved and catered the course to each of our desires, specifications and needs. The course content was also of an extremely high standard and gave people whom would not have had the opportunity for economic reasons to receive a high standard of training and education.

My particular experience was that it was the best film/media course I have ever done besides courses at Raindance an subsequently lead me to undertake a film production degree at The Arts University College at Bournemouth, formally known as The Arts Institute at Bournemouth with is arguable known as the best undergraduate film course in the country.
I am extremely grateful to Lola for providing a productive and friendly environment which enabled me to gain the skills I needed to progress in my career and in life. - Noorganah Robertson

I enjoyed the course too and I learnt so much about filmmaking- thanks Lola!!! - Kamran

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Press Article one of our very first :-D

Five Years for Eye With A View works!

Written by Andrea Simmons

In Hackney, dreams are fleeting, often lost altogether as the realities of economics set in. The borough has always been known as the hub of the working class and with a global financial crisis prevailing, jobs are even harder to secure. For young people, self-esteem is nearly obsolete; poverty, as pervasive as an untreatable virus, often brings worthy futures to a halt.

Lola Atkins knows all to well how the potential of a child can be smothered by crime, joblessness, drugs and poor education. She grew up in Hackney; unlike many, her parents encouraged her to further her education, secure a job and fight for a brighter world. Her dream was complex. Although she has a degree in microbiology and immunology and worked as a microbiologist, her inner drive was steered from another angle. As long as she could remember, her real longing was to write, to create, more specifically to be involved with youth. Her keen interest and talent in motion image production paired with young people seeking a brighter path was a perfect fit.
Soulful beginnings taught her hard work is your only way up. To leave a steady job and follow ones heart seemed ludicrous in these uncertain times. But that is exactly what Lola did. In 2004, young and determined, she set up a spot behind a travel agency in Stoke Newington where she embarked on a remarkable journey. Leaving flyers in youth clubs and approaching HCVS (Hackney Community Voluntary Services) for a grant, her first program in filmmaking was underway.

With twelve teens she produced in eight weeks three short films. The work was then screened in East London´s Rio Cinema.
Former student, Noorganah Robertson recalls “ my particular experience was that it was one of the best film/media courses I have taken”. She added that Lola was very supportive to everyone and catered the course to each students desires, specifications and needs. Eye With A View Works ( EWAV-Works) opened a door for Ms. Robertson, who went on to earn a film production degree from The Arts University College at Bournemouth.
The neighborhood was wary however as the hype drew in lots of young people who walked a line with some of the communitys neighbors. Feeling the heat, Lola sought other surroundings. She moved her base to Dalston where a course in animation began to stimulate more interest in her projects. Along with friend Paul Sullivan she produced HUSH an engaging exploration of a young, partially sighted girls triumph over grief and abuse which received an International Black Filmmakers award in 2000. Again in Cannes 2006, HUSH took the center stage screening well among a very competitive Indie market and showed profitable sales.
Producing three or four 8-week projects a year has proved costly on Lola’s personal wallet as well. HCVS, who provides hundreds of local voluntary and community sector organizations with the key skills, knowledge and resources to respond to the needs of local people, has been a continual contributor. Private support from donors such as the Family Mosaic have kept the flame burning. Yet it´s a classic case of demand versus supply.

Recently Lola has begun to work with young offenders in a Bristol prison. No grants from the government, only hope and a shoestring budget keep her going. Lolas drive is spiritually based; she believes in her art form and she believes in her community. By giving young inmates the tools to express their life story through individual projects such as autobiographical documentaries she enables them to, sometimes for the first time, have some insight into themselves, who they are and how they can find their way back to becoming a productive member of the community. This pilot program geared mainly for boys ages 16 – 18 is being held at Ashfield prison. Lola aspires to continue, despite some financial setbacks and is hopeful the governing bodies in the community will see her efforts worthwhile and consider funding and continuing her dream.

Eye With A View works has earned the honor of presenting diplomas from OCR Examination Body, ( Oxford, Cambridge and RSA) in Animation and Motion Images Production.

Eye With A View Works is now celebrating five years of success. With Lola Atkins strength and determination, the next five will surely be even better.

For more information On Eye With A View Works or to inquire about how you can support this remarkable program, visit their website at: www.ewavworks.com
Or telephone +44 788 303 1115.

First one!!!

EWAVWorksRT @tweetmeme Black Community | DIAMONDS & REFLECTIONS: FIVE YEARS OF EWAV WORKS | UK | UK | Black Life Style http://bit.ly/14LYc0

Monday, 1 June 2009

East By South East Comedy Search 2009!!

EWAV Works have teamed up with Hackney Empire Ltd to promote the East by South East Comedy Search are you between ages 16 - 25 years or know any young persons between this age group. The East by South East Comedy Search is looking for up-coming talented Writers, Comedians, Artists, Filmmakers or young people between this age group who would like an oppportunity to showcase their abilities to the world.

Check information below and log onto http://www.eastbysoutheast.co.uk/submissions/ to enter!!! Deadline 15th June.

Are you entertaining, creative and funny? Are you 16 to 25? Got a funny idea to share? We want to hear from you!

East By South East, the new five borough comedy festival brought to you by Hackney Empire, is searching for new talent. Anything from stand up, sketches, dance, circus, photos, graffiti art, film, short stories or poetry - anything funny and entertaining you can think of. To enter, you must live, work or study in one of the Five Host Boroughs for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Greenwich, Newham, Tower Hamlets or Waltham Forest.
You could be in with the chance to be part of a masterclass with top artists and industry professionals, perform live at Hackney Empire, get published in a book, exhibited in a gallery or shown on a big screen as part of Play the Empire.
Live Performance:-
Stand-up, sketch, music, dance or even circus - if it's entertaining, we want to see it. Register by Monday June 15 and we'll contact you with an audition date and time. Auditions will be held between June 30 and July 5 in each of the five boroughs and you could perform live in the Play the Empire variety show, Hackney Empire, Wednesday July 15, 2009. Masterclasses will be held with former Hackney Empire directors and founders of New Act of the Year, Roland and Claire Muldoon.
Creative Writing
Dubplate Drama is looking for anything from short stories or scenes, a poem, or a few jokes - make it funny and five pages max. Register and send in your work by post or online and you could be published in the Play The Empire book, Wednesday July 15, 2009.
Visual Art
Funny photos, cartoons or even graffiti art! Show us your sense of humour or your unique take on life in the five boroughs. Register and send in your work by post or online and you could be part of the Play the Empire xxhibition, opening at the Hackney Empire on Wednesday July 15, 2009. Masterclasses will be held by Millie Law and the Hackney Arts Club.
Send in your short film, animation or mobile upload and you could be part of a masterclass with the producers of Dubplate Drama. Maximum length three minutes. Register by post or online and either send in your DVD, upload your video to the website or include a link to your film. You could then be screened around the five boroughs in July 2009.

The East by South East Comedy Festival is produced by Hackney Empire Limited and runs throughout June and July. It showcases artists and comedians that have connections with the Five Host Boroughs for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and this year features Stephen K Amos, Jo Brand, Stewart Lee, Simon Amstell and Kat B. For more information on the festival and the Talent Search visit http://www.eastbysoutheast.co.uk/.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

When we were Children!!

Our new initiative 'When we were Children' starts June 2009 in Ashfield. We are excited about the new opportunities that's coming our way and looking forward to launching in Ashfield.

No doubt this is the start of new beginnings, and so much better to start on our 5th year anniversary.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

5 years anniversary

EWAV Works is celebrating their 5th year anniversary during August 2009 and you are invited to the events across London.

More details are to follow on the events that we will be holding up until the launch.

Watch this space!!!!

EWAV Works new documentary

EWAV Works as begun production on our groundbreaking documentary "When we were children" .

Going Nationwide!!!

EWAV Works successful running over the last 5 yrs has now led us to launch in new locations in England.

We are proud to launch new projects running in Bristol and Suffolk!!

Our aim is to continue to strive to be the best and leaders in providing outstanding opportunities for young people.

Watch this space!!!!!

EWAV Works new partnership with Afridiziak Theatre News!!!

EWAV Works is proud to announce a new partnership with the groundbreaking website Afridiziak Theatre News.

Afridiziak Theatre News is a website celebrating African-Caribbean theatre, visit www.afridiziak.com/theatrenews for all the latest news, reviews, and interviews on African-Caribbean theatre.

If you want to find out information on fresh upcoming productions and news sign up for the newsletter, email: info@afridiziak.com.

Watch this space!!!