Tuesday, 22 September 2009


"This course has helped me develop a new career for myself" - Michael

"I'm 200% sure that this is the future for me, now I can focus on the area I love" - Nicola

I randomly found out about EWAV. I must have submitted my email address to a film editing or video company for internship so I got an email from ewav calling for me for training. The opportunities were great. Free lunch availability, good atmosphere, fast PC and experienced lecturer willing to teach made my overall experience great. Personally, it introduced me to the software I was not quite familiar with and also allowed me to learn flash and animations. ( I have always wanted to learn that) In addition to that, I now edit movies for friends and families. I wouldn't have had such confidence to take up videos without prior knowledge. In general, I think it was a good time spent and educative. I would definitely recommend it to a friend. - Babatope.

"I have become more determined and enthusiastic than ever before about film-making" - Vanessa

I'm working with her on a few projects now. I found out about EWAV works through Hoxton Hall, I had a friend (fellow employee(Michael Vidal)) who studies directing and screen play and invited me as an actress into a film course he was taking, I believe funded by EWAV works, there in the course board room I met Lola after a couple of rehearsals. I like the way Lola is able to strategize projects she sets it up where you REALLY enjoy what you’re doing with a self-achievement in the end to look forward to. Certificates from course completions to qualified diplomas and thanks to Lola she got me on the "sliver-screen". Feel free to contact me if you want to know anything else! - Siobhan

I was on the EWAV course in 2004. It was an extremely enlightening experience both technically and creatively. Lola was very supportive of all of us involved and catered the course to each of our desires, specifications and needs. The course content was also of an extremely high standard and gave people whom would not have had the opportunity for economic reasons to receive a high standard of training and education.

My particular experience was that it was the best film/media course I have ever done besides courses at Raindance an subsequently lead me to undertake a film production degree at The Arts University College at Bournemouth, formally known as The Arts Institute at Bournemouth with is arguable known as the best undergraduate film course in the country.
I am extremely grateful to Lola for providing a productive and friendly environment which enabled me to gain the skills I needed to progress in my career and in life. - Noorganah Robertson

I enjoyed the course too and I learnt so much about filmmaking- thanks Lola!!! - Kamran