Sunday, 20 March 2011

EWAV Works awarded by BBC Children in Need

EWAV Works in London are delighted to announce that BBC Children in Need have awarded them a grant over three years. This grant will help EWAV Works continue to help change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK.

This spring allocation is the second of four rounds of grants which are made possible thanks to the amazing 2009 Appeal total of over £20.3 million – which has risen since November to a record breaking £39 Million.  Following the Appeal night last November, BBC Children in Need has received additional donations from fundraisers, schools and businesses from all across the UK who all got together and showed their love for The Bear!

With the support of BBC Children in Need, EWAV Works will be able to continue reaching out to the youth through delivery of training in Animation, Digital graphics, modern film making techniques, and digital media in particular. EWAV aims to empower young people to cope with today's social challenges by creating opportunities that develop them as individuals and prepare them for the future. EWAV gives participants the opportunity to learn about the various aspects of Animation, Motion images production, Film and Cinematic activities. Our programmes provide the opportunity for participants to meet others who face similar challenges and to socialise, learn and participate in activities that will assist them in making career choices

Lola Atkins, the Project Director at EWAV Works said “We could not reach out to the children without the support of BBC Children in Need. Our experience of working with children from disadvantaged backgrounds stems from previous youth focused projects such as the delivery of activities in youth offender institutions which has enabled us to build a creditable knowledge and experience resource database that we use to help develop initiatives that make a positive impact with and for young people. This grant will go on to change the lives of so many children and give them the support they need.”

David Ramsden, Chief Executive of BBC Children in Need, said; “Our grants are made possible by the amazing generosity of the public and our donors. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to help such great projects as EWAV Works continue to help change young lives for the better.”

Since November, the BBC charity has received thousands of applications for funding.  These are rigorously assessed and considered in the months leading up to the grant allocation by eight committees who pass on their recommendations to the Trustees of the charity.

All grants go to projects working with children and young people who may be affected by homelessness, neglect, abuse or poverty, or those who have encountered serious illness, disabilities and psychological disorders.


Thursday, 17 March 2011

BBC supports us.

Great news here - BBC Children in need have successfully awarded our 3 years project which will work to positively change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people under 18 in London.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Journey so far......

2011 has been a bit nerve-wracking here at EWAV. The government cuts in every area you can think of  slowly swept into our affairs which caused a lot of dismay. The fear of loss of contracts and partners was high on our lists, sadly majority did materialise. However due to the fact we was given the heads up last summer we was kind of prepared but not fully prepared.

People always say that when a company, organisation experience an event or calamity that brings it literally to its knees, normally bounce back stronger and better.To be honest, doubts did sink in. Would EWAV have to roll up her sleeves and shut the doors like so many others businesses across the country? Or would we radicalise the way we do things and try out a new strategy which may be uncomfortable at first but bring the best out of us. We chose the latter.

The new website would be coming soon showcasing the new services we deliver and hopefully this would be the making of us and propel us to higher heights :)

Success always comes out of calamity, so let the show begin.