Monday, 26 November 2012

EWAV Works supports the inaugural London Feminist Film Festival 2012

EWAV Works is proud to be a part of the inaugural London Feminist Film Festival 2012, starts on 29th November 2012 until 2nd December 2012 at Hackney Picturehouse, London. 

The London Feminist Film Festival was set up as a response to the underrepresentation of women in the film industry, as well as to the lack of films addressing feminist issues and the fact that the representation of women on screen is often narrow and stereotypical. The inaugural edition of this new festival will comprise four days of international feminist films past and present. Each session will be accompanied by a director Q&A or a panel discussion featuring academics, filmmakers, activists, and critics.
The programme was announced last month and includes an exciting mix of shorts and feature films from women directors around the world, including six premieres.

The festival opened its submissions to women directors of any country making films of any length or genre, and selected films based on quality as well as feminist content.

Festival Director, Anna Read: “We want to celebrate women creatives whilst ensuring that this feminist ethos also extends to the films we show. The festival will be a celebration of feminist films past and present. Our aim is to inspire discussion about feminism and film, to support women directors, and to get feminist films seen by a wider audience”.

EWAV Works Founder/Director Lola Atkins: "We are truly proud to be a supporter of the first London Feminist Film Festival. This is a great festival to elevate the status of women in media, we are excited about the many voices that would be echoed as a result of the work of LFFF 2012".

Friday, 26 October 2012


We are delivering our programmes at the newly designed Forest Road Centre.
Come down to our taster sessions during the opening of Forest Road Centre on Saturday 27th October @ 2pm!!
A day of fun, nibbles at Forest Road Centre, Hackney.
Check out facebook page!!

Friday, 3 August 2012

My Olympic moment!!

Back in November 2011, I was given the opportunity to take part in the London 2012 Olympics. Due to the fact this is an experience that would never come my way again I chose to cease this moment and do whatever it is to be a part of this glorious event.

I was given the honour to lead the Paraguayan London 2012 Olympians and when I was told this, to say I was in shock and awe to be given this fascinating role would be an understatement.

The journey started in January 2012 and we was told numerous times by the 'Wonder-man Creative genius' Danny Boyle to #SAVETHESURPRISE, we were all sworn to secrecy and told not to disclose anything. This was a challenge for me due to my immense excitement, the urge not to tweet, or put a status update on FB was no doubt tempting.

The London 2012 Opening ceremony was a huge success the reviews have been amazing, celebration of our  British culture and  it was the most stunning and captivating opening ceremony to any Olympic Games. More than one billion people around the world watched Danny Boyle’s astonishing and fantastical journey through British history which kicked off the London 2012 Games. 

The experience was surreal and out of this world, so PROUD to be a part of it.

Paraguay team was one of the best dressed delegations of the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony.

And finally here is a mini video clip featuring myself during the opening ceremony with Paraguay Olympian Benjamin Hockin.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra Academy

The BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra Academy

On 23rd and 24th June, our friends at BBC Radio 1 are coming to Hackney to stage the UK's biggest free ticketed music event to celebrate 2012.
In the lead up to this big weekend, BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra want to offer local young people a voice and the inspiration to reach their goals. This ambition has led to setting up the Radio 1 and 1Xtra Academy, which will open its doors on 1st June till 22nd June 2012 at the Hackney Picturehouse on Mare Street, Hackney.

The Radio 1 and 1Xtra Academy will be a place for young people (16 - 19) to be inspired, gain practical experience and share ideas. It will focus on skills development in radio, music, film, comedy, journalism, gaming and programming, fashion, business and career development.

Over three weeks, star talent such as Leona Lewis, Plan B, Trevor Nelson, Labrinth, Dizzee Rascal, Paloma Faith, Ashley Walters, Rizzle Kicks, Lethal B, Adam Deacon, Riz Ahmed, the EastEnders cast and many others will be at the Academy sharing their experiences. They’ll take part in a range of practical masterclasses and Q&As explaining how they made it and offering advice to local young people.

If you are interested please send your confirmation to before 28th May 2012

NB. You must reside in East London

There is no minimum age restriction, but the sessions are not recommended for children under the age of 14. The nature and duration of the sessions are primarily aimed at 16-19 year olds. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult aged 18 or over. Proof of age and identity may be requested upon entry

Monday, 27 February 2012

It starts now.......

So have you booked your tickets yet for the event 'Women's New World' which launches on 8th March 2012, and then covers many other universities during March?

If not then what are you waiting for come and listen to Dr Shere Hite, top academics, students talk about young women empowerment and counteracting the negative messages they receive from the media.

We strongly need to encourage young women to challenge media stereotypes, teach them how to stand up for themselves and give them the strength to resist this pressure. We need to light the spark at an early age, highlighting their priceless, creative and unique skills. We must value ourselves and hold ourselves up to high moral and economic standards. Instead of tolerating a society of 'young women whorification' we need to create society of acceptance based on hard earned merit.

Join us for a remarkable season has we launch the start of cultural mindset shifting on the 'whorification' of young women.  


Updated May 2012

Some pics below taken during talks across London, West Sussex and Cambridge. 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

PRESS RELEASE - EWAV's new initiative 'Women's New World'

Lola Atkins announces EWAV's new initiative 'Women's New World' a young women empowerment program across the UK.

World Renowned Sexologist Leads Empowering Events feminist Dr.Shere Hite will join Lola Atkins, founder EWAV Works (Eye with a View works).

February 23, 2012

Young women from schools and universities across London will be given the opportunity to learn from one of the most radical and controversial feminists of her time in a series of events to mark International Women’s Day 2012.

Internationally bestselling author and feminist Dr. Shere Hite will be joining Lola Atkins, founder of London social enterprise Eye with a View Works (EWAV Works), to run a series of events aimed at empowering young women and counteracting the negative messages they receive from the media.
The events will take the form of a talk and a workshop for women aged 18-25. They will take place at universities across London, commencing on International Women’s Day (8th March) at The University of East London and throughout March with events at Kings College London, University College of London, Cambridge University, London Southbank University and London School of Economics.
Lola founded award winning organisation EWAV Works in 2004 to create projects which empower young people who are facing social challenges and bring about positive changes.
More details  >>>> PRESS RELEASE - February 2012

For tickets >> Get YOUR TICKETS NOW!! 

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Women's New World........on the road.

I was fortunate to meet a remarkable women Shere Hite through a colleague of mine and was drawn to work with him, to create something based on her work and life mission

I remember the first question she asked me after meeting her 'What does it mean to be a post-modernism woman? I'm not going to lie didn't have a clue at what she meant but understood where she was going with this question.

I have to admit that women of today have it all, wealth, power, fame, success just to name a few which are all remarkable achievements in comparison to the time of our mothers. And I be the first to admit women have never had it any better, men kissing their 'feet' (so to speak), do all to be with certain women even if it means selling 'fake stories' to the tabloids. 

Women are having a ball right now and many would say this is our moment, our time.

But I want to play devil's advocate for a moment just for a moment, bare with me. 

Since the days of the 'feminist' movement, suffragettes etc when women were literally fighting with everything within and around them for equal rights, would you say we have moved forward or backwards?

I would say we are in between, in the developed world we are moving backwards but in the developing world they are moving forwards. 

When I read the stories of Nobel Peace prize winners for 2011 three women from Africa and the Arab world in acknowledgement of their nonviolent role in promoting peace, democracy and gender equality. The winners were President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia the first woman to be elected president in modern Africa — her compatriot, the peace activist Leymah Gbowee, and Tawakkol Karman of Yemen, a pro-democracy campaigner. They were the first women to win the prize since Wangari Maathai of Kenya,who died in 2011, was named as the laureate in 2004. These women fought the fight what the 'feminist movement' was about in the 60s and 70s - gender equality and have won and continue to win. But when I look at the 'west' now although to a degree we have received gender equality,  at the same time we have given it away. Without going into too much detail (well this is just a short ramble blog), if your a woman you would know exactly what I'm talking about. 

I was approached recently and asked do I remember what I wanted to be when I was 16? I know my path has definitely diverted from where I saw myself in the eyes of a 16 year old and to a degree my life desires are now not aligned to where I saw myself when I was 16. To be honest I think has a child the ambitions and dreams we have for ourselves are exactly that 'dreams'. It's when a young girl enter womanhood the challenges of being a woman slap us and some get it wrong, it is then we rediscover what it really means to be a woman, and that certain aspirations maybe left alone and others should definitely be pursued do be aware for each woman this differs. There is no size fits all approach to this . 

However, when I look at the lives of 16 year old today it actually breaks my heart at what they are fed by the 'mothers'.

Without name dropping, every single day young women are brainwashed to believe they have to look, act, talk or behave a certain way to be accepted or be successful. 

Are young girls and women driven by images like this? 

In the developed world we can't deny the fact that young women are being failed. Not just by men but by us 'WOMEN'. 

It is time like this we need to re-educate young women reminding them what it truly means to be a woman, you can be feminine, sexy, and powerful without stripping clothes, being gawkily thin just to name a few. Femininity does not equal weakness. We need equality but don't need to sell our souls in return for it. 

The last 8 weeks have been hectic, manic, enlightening, and it appears I may have drummed up the feminist spirit within me. I have to say no doubt it has been exciting, the launch of #WNW would be life changing, empowering and exciting for all young women who are fortunate enough to attend any of the seminars at Cambridge, or across London universities and others across the country YOUR IN FOR A BUMPY RIDE ;).

First stop is ....University of EAST LONDON.

Well hello it is me......

Lola Atkins

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Leaping start in 2012......

Well we was surprised to see that Social Enterprise London chose us to be the Social enterprise of the month of February.

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE of the month of February.

Article on one of our projects 'BEING RED' interviewed by Rianna Raymond Williams

Check out SHINE ALOUD magazine, great articles, discussions and debates on challenges experienced by young people. We are also featured on pages 21 - 23.  Founder/Director Lola Atkins was interviewed by Rianna Raymond - Williams.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

2011 - A year in review and reflect.

Now we are pretty much in 2012 ten days to be precise, it  be naughty of me if I don't look back at 2011 and review the achievements made by EWAV and also some personal experiences for myself.

Firstly, I would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year and take a moment to say “thank you and I appreciate you!”all our supporters.

2011 was a remarkable year despite suffering a few setbacks and lost a few contracts we strived on and gained new projects. At the start of the year more schools signed up to our Animation  club. I believe some schools are now seeing the benefits they would get signing up to our Animation initiative not just financially but also creatively improving children's learning ability.  

Some testimonies :- 
Katie -  My children came along to one of your animation courses last summer holidays at the Bridge Academy, and loved it

Mary - Your animation club has really helped my son, he is autistic and not really social. The animation sessions made him more social and this some how had a knock on effect on his key stage 2 SATs. 

EWAV found a new home in Hackney Marshes part of the London Olympic Village. We are excited about this new place due to the fact we can now deliver more programmes to young people within the East London boroughs.

We was awarded a grant over three years. This grant will helps us continue to help change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK. This enables us too continue reaching out to the youth through delivery of training in Animation, Digital graphics, modern film making techniques, and digital media in particular.

In May I took part  in The Twenty Ten Club first ever teen mentoring evening at St Matthew Academy in Lewisham. St Matthew Academy in Lewisham hosted a speed-mentoring evening connecting just over seventy girls with a panel of 18 Black female entrepreneurs.

Tuesday 20th September 2011, our team was invited to The London Peace Awards 2011  we were among many nominees nominated for an award. The annual prestigious London Peace Awards 2011 was hosted by The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson at City Hall. Londoners of all ages who have made a significant contribution in the capital had the opportunity to be a recipient of the 10 award categories. We left the ceremony picking up the Certificate of Achievement award which recognises the great work all nominees do within our community. It was an absolute honour to be amongst many outstanding people and organisations who were nominated.

EWAV also teamed up with CLR Consultancy in October to deliver a series of special events to help private businesses and community organisations in these difficult economic times. This exciting events was attended by several of our supporters, friends and associates. We was told by a few attendees that the event was a great programme and they would be working with CLR Consultancy to help get their businesses off the ground.

On Tuesday November 15, as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, I participated in a youth enterprise event hosted by Mosaic at the Government Department for Business Innovation & Skills.
Cabinet ministers Dr Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business Innovation & Skills and Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. I was joined by a group of entrepreneurs members from Twenty Ten Club to answer questions from students at the special event designed to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. I spent the day sharing my experiences of starting and running a business with the attending students from Brondesbury College for Boys, Crest Boys Academy, Westminster City School and Southfields Community College.
We got invited to BBC Television Centre for a special edition of Strictly Come Dancing filmed on Saturday 12th November for BBC Children in Need. This was an extra special edition of Strictly Come Dancing -  different format consisting of dances performed by celebrities and dance partners.

And finally I was able to successfully launch the new start-up EWAV Creative Agency in November 2011, which is EWAV Works sister private company. 
ECA is a company that delivers innovative branding solutions using Digital, Video/Film and the new exciting 3D auto-stereoscopic solutions. An enticing,one-stop bespoke advert/marketing boutique using no-glasses 3D screens displays and we also create 3D and 2D content. If you want to make the WOW happen for your brand. ECA can do exactly that.

There was so many highlights in 2011 it is difficult to pinpoint which one was the best. I believe that due to the fact that we are a social enterprise that is still surviving in this current climate, I think that would be our worthy highlight. 

So we are looking forward to an exciting 2012 with more opportunities and developing projects that I'm passionate about. Both businesses brand would be revitalised and grow in 2012.
Best wishes LA