Wednesday, 1 December 2010

EWAV Works brings - BEING RED launches on WORLD AIDS DAY 2010

EWAV Works brings - BEING RED launches on WORLD AIDS DAY 2010

The exciting launch of  BEING RED - An Animated Sexual health awareness programme launches as part of World Aids Day 2010 campaign -  EWAV Works would be going into schools giving talks on the SCIENCE behind HIV and STI's and of course SEX!!  This is supported by The National Aids Trust and in conjunction with Terrence Higgins Trust. According to a new report released this year by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) has showed that 15 to 24 year olds, particularly young women, continue to be the group most affected by sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the UK. Last year around two thirds of new STI diagnoses seen in women were in those under 25.

Dr Fran Pitt, East Midlands North Unit Director and Lead for Sexual Health at HPA East Midlands, said: “These latest regional figures show that, in common with the rest of the UK, poor sexual health is a serious problem among young adults in the East Midlands.  “These figures also highlight the vulnerability of young women. Young adults are more likely to have unsafe sex and often they lack the skills and confidence to negotiate safer sex. “Re-infection is also a worrying issue - the numbers we’re seeing in teenagers are of particular concern as this suggests teenagers are repeatedly putting their own, as well as others, long term health at risk from STIs.”

EWAV Works aims are to develop and initiate projects that alter and change the lives of young people, BEING Red is a initiative that would do exactly that.

The Project director Lola Atkins says, 'This is a fantastic new initiative developed. I've been itching to do something that would incorporate both my medical/science expertise and of course young people. Being Red rolls both animation, sexual health education and science into one giving young people a more hip, interactive and fun way to learn about HIV, STI's and SEX without feeling awkward, and uncomfortable.  The growing numbers of STI's and HIV among young people is worrying, everyday young people are bombarded with sexualised images  virtually from every media platform. – TV, magazine, Music, adverts, social media. It is only right that we has adults get into the schools using the same media platform for example-Animation to educate them'.

We are looking forward to rolling out BEING RED nationwide.


To find out more about our programme please contact us stating your interest in BEING RED!!!!!!