Friday, 23 April 2010

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Invisible Path

EWAV Works is launching a new initiative 'The Invisible Path' and looking for suitable candidates.

Do you have 1 hour to spare each week,fortnightly or monthly?
How would you like to share insights in your career/life to a young person?
Have you always felt like giving something to the community but haven't got a clue where to go?

EWAV Works is calling all persons (of all ages/races/sex) who are IT consultants, Scientists, Bankers, Solicitors, Doctors, Lawyers, Financiers, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Nurses, Social workers, Stylists (Hair/Make-up/Fashion), Publishers, Engineers, Business owners, Media professionals i.e. Directors, Camerapersons, Editors and any other careers.

We are asking for you to give us an hour of your time and change one young life.

Drop us an email at with 'The Invisible Path' in the subject line and we would send you some information.

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one. ~Mother Teresa

EWAV's Animation club!

Over 50 young children from one of London's deprived neighbourhood were given classes by top Animators who have worked with some of the reputable Animation studios in the country they have worked with Nickelodeon, Universal, Disney, Tiger Aspect, and Passion Pictures..just to mention a few.

A screening party with parents, families and friends was delivered showcasing their work over the weeks at the Club. The work of the children was so amazing DVDs was distributed around to friends and families.

Every single child voiced 'how much they loved the Animation club' as a result we are now rolling more Animation workshops at a place near you!!!