Tuesday, 1 December 2009

EWAV Works is supporting Caring Christmas Tree

We are proud to announce that this year the charity EWAV Works will be sponsoring is Caring Christmas Trees.

If you live in the South London area and would like to buy a fine quality enviromental friendly Christmas tree?

How about buying from

When you buy just one Caring Christmas Tree you are helping rough sleepers and homeless people get safe accommodation where they can receive support to rebuild their lives.

Each tree sale will help provide support that direct residents towards jobs and the skills needed to maintain secure housing in the future.

The Jericho Road Project, based at King’s Church Catford, started in 2001 and has expanded to 6 low support houses where 26 men and women live. We take referrals from across south east London.

The project also operates an outreach meeting called the Feast, a support group and advice work. In order to meet the needs of homeless and rough sleepers we are improving the service we operate and are also planning for the next residential project.

Your contribution will help reduce rough sleeping, help ex-offenders reintegrate into society, help the mentally ill maintain stability and help former addicts stay clean. This Christmas you will make a difference by buying a tree!
For more information about King's Church Catford visit http://www.kingscentre.org.uk/ or write to:

King's Church Catford
Catford Hill
King's Church Catford is a registered charity. Charity number 1082666. Registered company number 4074651.